DNS Api on Ubuntu 16.04 does does dns server matter?

I am looking at using a wildcard ssl on my wordpress multisite installation. It is on a digital ocean/serverpilot server using Ubuntu 16.04 on apache/nginx.

Do I need to obtain and install the api separately? What is the syntax for using it?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Which API? And how would you “install” an “API”? Could you please elaborate?

Well, I need to enable letsencrypt to access my DNS server to use wildcard SSL. Yes? And afaics I need a specific api for my dns server (say 123-reg, or Cloudflare). I have seen elsewhere here talk of a DNS API plugin which sounds to me like ti already included in certbot or it requires installation?
Or perhaps to fathom my ignorance… wildcard ssl for wordpress multisite - what do I need and how do I do it?

have a look at this guide:

essentially yes - you should have a plugin for your DNS provider. Certbot has a range of DNS providers it supports

It's based on DNS Lexicon library.


That was a custom plugin, right? I don't think the official plugins are all Lexicon based.

think you are right

looks like they are using native python libraries for each provider :smiley:

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