DNS-01 Validation Issue

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My domain is:www.store.nasrx.com

I ran this command:Create or update https bindings in IIS

It produced this output:
Cached authorization result: valid
Authorize identifier: www.store.nasrx.com
Authorizing www.store.nasrx.com using dns-01 validation (Manual)

Domain: www.store.nasrx.com
Record: _acme-challenge.www.store.nasrx.com
Type: TXT
Content: "sAiAhgmV3XDdSlRb4FS0Lo7KziyR101M3qthUNLONNc"
Note: Some DNS managers add quotes automatically. A single set
is needed.

I try to add the following DNS TXT record but the DNS manager will not let me enter the following for the name:

It cuts off .nasrx.com


Hi @bgreer5050

that's good. Your menu adds .nasrx.com.

Create one TXT entry with _acme-challenge.www.store and the Content.

PS: Sorry, must be _acme-challenge.www.store, not www.store


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