Dns-01 challenge hook script for BIND9

I run a bunch of BIND9 servers, and I couldn’t find a hook script for BIND that would allow me to use the dns-01 challenge, so I wrote one: https://github.com/ianling/letsencrypt-dns-bind9/

The script is kind of rudimentary, but in most simple cases, it should get the job done. I use it with dehydrated.

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I’ll never understand why one would use Python to mimick a shell script. What is the thought process going into that? Why not just write a shell script?

Python was just easier for me to quickly throw something together in for my own use (I had a deadline to meet). I can convert it to a shell script now. I agree with you in general.

There are plenty of situations where a Python script would be more appropriate and easier to maintain, but this application is simple enough that a shell script should do fine.

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