DNS-01 challenge fails since unbound 1.18. TXT records can be fetch using unbound 1.16 but not 1.18 1.19

@lestaff Hoping that it's okay to start bugging you and you're back from the holidays. :slight_smile:

Between this thread, and another similar recent report, it looks like there was some sort of regression in Unbound (either the updated version or in configuration) for the use case of multiple (20+) domains using DNS-01 where the challenge record for all of those domains is CNAME'd to one single record which is populated with all the TXT entries for all of them.

Not a particularly common configuration, no, but it is described as a standard way for acme.sh's alias mode for a multiple-SAN certificate, so it might be something that others are trying too. (And I think it should be working.)