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xneelo automatically creates Let’s Encrypt certificates for all hosting sites.

Hi everyone,

at GREENSTA we also provide our customers with free Let’s Encrypt Certificates. Our Website is https://greensta.de. We’d love to be listed here as well. In order to get their certificate our customers only have to check one single checkbox and they’re good to go.

Thanks everyone!

Florian from GREENSTA


Apologize but this website is not going to be added.
You are using a pirated software (WHMCS Billing) and the webpage seems to be full of SEO keywords.

Thank you

Hi everyone,

is this thread still active? We’d love to be listed here and 'd appreciate your reaction. :slight_smile:


Florian from GREENSTA

Hi everybody,

Can you please add SoHosted https://www.sohosted.com to the web hosting who support Let’s Encrypt list? As you can see SoHosted supports Let’s Encrypt https://www.sohosted.com/webhosting/ssl-certificaat/ which is really easy to add to your website via Plesk control panel.

@walkleyn @ftb @lauris Added. Thanks

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