Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list


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Perfect timing with an early morning website update that didn’t go quite to plan! Please try again. Thanks.

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Glosting.com supports Let’s Encrypt SSL in cPanel for Shared and Reseller Hosting.

The is also offering Lets Encrypt certs with auto renew - https://www.thexyz.com/account/knowledgebase/117/How-do-I-install-a-Lets-Encrypt-SSL-certificate-on-my-site.html

Got ya.
Added you to the list.

Just wondering… On Windows WordPress hosting, there’s no mention of free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Do you guys provide free certificate to this product too?


Added. Thanks

I’ll try to contact their support for more information, but thank you for telling us this provider!

Good spot, yes we do and now updated. Have a great day!

It is only Linux based servers (shared, VPS, dedicated) that have Let’s Encrypt certs available for auto install with Thexyz.

Hello, the ikoula website allows you to install letsencrypt.

You can add it to your list in the article

Thank you, the site has now been added.

Can you add this hosting provider to the list: mijn.host
They offer Let’s Encrypt with auto renew. See https://mijn.host/kb/lets-encrypt-ssl-certificaat-aanvragen/

Added. (Also updated on EFF list)
Thank you

Thanks. Only the company name is incorrect. Company name is mijn.host not miJn.

At ESTUGO.net (https://www.estugo.de) we’ve launched free SSL certificates based on Let’s Encrypt for all hosting customers and all hosting plans.
It’s well integrated in Plesk and our customers can request and install the certificate with just one click. The certificate is automatically renewed in the background.
Plesk also offers the option of Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by default.

Our very own support article to encourage and inform our customers: https://www.estugo.de/support/lets-encrypt/

We’ll be honoured if you guys decide to spread the news.


Sorry about the delay.
When reading the articles and websites, i have some questions

  1. Why is “Gambio Hosting”, “Shopware Basic” and “Shopware Plus” have “SSL Zertifikat: Basic SSL 1 Jahr inklusive, Let’s Encrypt inklusive”, but “Webhosting” and “Homepage Baukasten” does not? Does it means that those service will not provide free Let’s Encrypt certificate?
  2. You mentioned on the information page that the certificate might not be free in the future (referring to not offered free from your company), is it true? If so, I can’t add you to the provider list.

Thank you

Fixed. Thank you  


thanks for the reply.

  1. Our Website is old and buggy. When the site was designed, there was no need for a simple website to be encrypted. So our template for table overwiew in the webhosting catagories simply doesn’t have an extra field for ssl. In those products, free ssl is mentioned in the product description (See: “[…] Außerdem steht Ihnen mit dem Homepage Baukasten die SSL-Verschlüsselung kostenfrei zur Verfügung.[…]”)

As you can see from the eclosed screenshot, Let’s Encrypt is a fix component in our ordering system. In every hosting plan.

  1. Since we are not founder, member or somehow involved in the Internet Security Research Group, we do not know and can not affect, if the project will be free of cost permanently. Also we can’t guarantee that Let’s Encrypt will continue to offer it’s service. It’s also possible that Let’s Encrypt will start to demand a monthly, yearly, whatsoever fee from web hosting providers. In our 15 years, offering hosting services, we have seen a lot services which have been free of cost - initially of course. And for that reason, there is absolutely no guarantee, that let’s encrypt can be offered though ESTUGO in the future as it is offered currently. If the Internet Security Research Group changes it’s mind to our or our customers disadvantage, we will not continue offering Let’s Encrypt. It simply is not our product and customers do not conclude a contract with ESTUGO, regarding Let’s Encrypt. This is part of our understanding and, foremost, our duty of full transparancy towars our customers.

What’s not said in the mentioned statement, and I’m sorry if this is the reading, is that we are perhaps planing to take fees on Let’s Encrypt Certificates. None of our customers did assume that. So I think there is just the language barrier which might make you think that our information page is kind of a loophole. But I can assure you, such loopholes are not our instrument for being in the business für 15 years. That’s also not how you win a test, for example: https://www.chip.de/artikel/Die-besten-Hotlines-Deutschlands-Hier-wird-Ihnen-geholfen_152843058.html

In case of ambiguity, questions or problems, I am happy to continue to help!

kind regards,

Matthias Picard

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Can you please add Conetix (https://conetix.com.au) to the list. We have offered Let’s Encrypt for free on all plans since June 2016: https://conetix.com.au/blog/lets-encrypt-free-certificates-on-all-conetix-host/

Apparently, there is no difference between the levels / tiers of encryption. The actual benefit is the same across all levels.