Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list


Your website is currently 503…
Could you please double check on that?

Thank you

Perfect timing with an early morning website update that didn’t go quite to plan! Please try again. Thanks.

BTW I replied to the email and got

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Glosting.com supports Let’s Encrypt SSL in cPanel for Shared and Reseller Hosting.

The is also offering Lets Encrypt certs with auto renew - https://www.thexyz.com/account/knowledgebase/117/How-do-I-install-a-Lets-Encrypt-SSL-certificate-on-my-site.html

Got ya.
Added you to the list.

Just wondering… On Windows WordPress hosting, there’s no mention of free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Do you guys provide free certificate to this product too?


Added. Thanks

I’ll try to contact their support for more information, but thank you for telling us this provider!

Good spot, yes we do and now updated. Have a great day!

It is only Linux based servers (shared, VPS, dedicated) that have Let’s Encrypt certs available for auto install with Thexyz.