Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list

Thank you paddylandau! The tutorial on their page looks good…
I will try it:
GoDaddy Shared Server Hosting - SSL Certificate - DNS Verification & Installation

Ah, I think that that is a new video, because I haven’t seen it before. I don’t have time to watch it now, but if you struggle, post a new thread, then post the link to the thread here, and I’ll chip in with my method.

will do - thanks again!

can you email me how you did this through ipage please? more24.4u@gmail.com

Hi, Please add Everdata Technologies Pvt Ltd(https://www.everdata.com/) as we provide Lets Encrypt to all cPanel customers in hosting packages; adding Everdata will be helpful for your viewers as well


Could you please provide one page (with link) to us that showed customers will get let’s encrypt certificates for free?

Thank you

GearHost www.gearhost.com fully supports Let’s Encrypt. We have hundreds of users already using it through our control panel which is fully automated to create certificates for our customers with a single click.

UK based Company supporting Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on their hosting, also includes Auto cPanel SSL, website: https://awebhosting.uk/ company name AWEBSOLUTIONS LIMITED, London UK


I’m sorry but I don’t think I could add you to the list.
Here are the reasons:

  1. There’s no mention of free SSL / Let’s Encrypt certificate on any of the hosting pages
  2. On this page: https://www.everdata.com/your-ultimate-guide-ssl-certificate

Besides, accuracy is important and if not configured/set-up properly the even the well-intended clients might fail to get the benefits or offer the best protection to their visitors. In that condition, the paid certificates become a necessity as the client can get the end to end support during the entire installation process and best practices to follow to retain the ranking and continue enjoying the same SEO benefits. Considering the fact that it requires you to invest some efforts to fine-tune your SEO, the support plays a pivotal role.

  1. I replied to you on Apr 12th requesting for any links indicating you support free certificate, but there’s no response.

In case you didn’t watch/receive any replies from this forum, I’ll also contact your live chat and send email to your support address.

Thank you

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I think that certificate is powered by Comodo… https://www.ipage.com/ssl-certificate

I’ll follow up with their customer care for more information.

@reformhosting Added.
@Werrr The only evidence I can find is https://mydreams.cz/cz/cloud-serverhostingova-reseni/ssl-certifikaty.html, which doesn’t state what server it provides certificates for… I’ll try to follow up with the hosting provider.
@ryankekos Thank you. I’ve added you to the list.
@awebsolutionsUK The site doesn’t even load…

So, this thread has existed for several years and we have quite a lot of information (much of which is not up-to-date) in comments here. There is a proposal to split this into two threads, the existing “Web Hosting who support Let’s Encrypt”, which would not allow comments and which would be maintained by volunteer editors (currently @stevenzhu), and a new “Updates for hosting provider support” thread where people could post discussions. Both threads would include explanations and links to the other one.

(The Certbot and possibly Let’s Encrypt web sites are eventually also likely to incorporate data from this list.)

Does anyone think this is a bad idea or have suggestions for a different structure?


HostatHash is also providing Lets Encrypt support since 2017

Hey @schoen!

I think that’s fine- the idea is that “Web Hosting Who Support Let’s Encrypt” would be read-only and if folx want their Web hoster on this list, they would post on “Updates for hosting provider support”? Is the thought behind this to make this list easier to read?

Also @stevenzhu, happy to tag team this with you if you need some help.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the idea exactly.

What about CloudFlare?

@Richienb, it seems that that’s better categorized as a CDN rather than a web host.

Also, last I knew, they didn’t widely use Let’s Encrypt certificates.

We’ve had a separate thread for CDN provider support for Let’s Encrypt

although it hasn’t attracted as much interest as the web hosting thread.

I didn’t even saw that thread.
Now moving all CDNs on this list to the other…


Wow, I honestly didn’t expect this list to blow up when I created it back in 2015 like it has. 1.1 Million views. I again, want to thank everyone who has been maintaining it in my absence (Life is unexpected). I don’t know if I will ever have as much time as I did back then but I am glad this list has helped so many people secure their website’s by finding a hosting company that supports such a simplistic request so that we can all look to a brighter future of having the whole World Wide Web secured.

Again, big thank you to all who have contributed and especially the whole Lets Encrypt team for making the internet a more secure place.

-Jeremy Zimmerman (StopSpazzing)


Nutty About Hosting - https://www.nuttyabouthosting.co.uk/ support Let’s Encrypt. Here is there KB artcile on adding it to a website - https://www.nuttyabouthosting.co.uk/knowledgebase/article/how-to-add-free-ssl-certificate-to-your-website