Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list

A minor announcement/pending change:

I plan to change this list a bit (giving it a modern look with tables)
The reason behind this is that most companies are using cPanel/Plesk intergration, and some other people are using custom solutions. I would like to distinguishes different implementations and provide instructions accordingly.

New Format in progress:
A new format for this list is currently in progress, view it in the gist below: https://gist.github.com/stevenzhu25/b0dbe75e9d87d826a34c672a28e80c24

What do you think?


Yes sure. Normally clients come to us for a benchmark. Within their account they are able to select a package. They can fully customize it. Here some packages: https://wpprovider.nl/tarieven-wpprovider/

If you have any question please let me know.

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Thanks for moving to the top section.

I mentioned that we updated the name of our product but I failed to provide you with the updated links.

Would you please update our entry from:

Hoop.la (Source )


Crowdstack (Source )

The old links do redirect to the new locations but we would rather they just point to the correct place to begin with. Oh, and we are using a custom implementation.



@SocialStrata_Inc I’ve changed the name and links, sorry about that.
@wpprovider Added.



German provider maxcluster has partial support as well (see https://maxcluster.de/blog/2018/01/lets-encrypt-ssl-zertifikate-kostenlos-sicher-und-schnell-einrichten and https://github.com/certbot/website/pull/543#event-3101940668 )

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Hi @jonashrem




Here at Hostens we also support Let’s Encrypt certificates for both shared and reseller hosting packages with cPanel:

Certificate is issued automatically, however redirect must be done by client.

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At iStartCloud (https://istartcloud.com) we support Let’s Encrypt on all it’s Shared Hosting packages through implementation using the Plesk Obsidian panel. Every new website/domain will automatically redirect http > https and automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL is attempted at creating stage.

Packages that include this are:
Shared Website Hosting
Application Hosting
Business Hosting

Please contact us if you need more information.

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At dutch provider xel.nl we offer several hosting packages that include free automatically installed Let’s Encrypt certificates and default redirecting of http > https

See: https://www.xel.nl/wordpress-hosting/
Customer documentation: https://www.xel.nl/academy/wordpress/seo-https/

Unfortunately currently only available in Dutch

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Oblak Datacenter Inc. automatically has Let’s Encrypt incorporated into all plans. www.oblakdc.com

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Please add list ikihost.com and jnhost.co.id, the both hosting provider are providing auto install Lets Encrypt SSL from cPanel.

Hi. Please add Shellrent.
Our client can use Let’s encrypt with any hosting plan, and now we have also a certbot plugin and acme.sh integration

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Please add NederHost to the list:

  • HTTPS has been enabled for all webhosting customers by default with a HTTP -> HTTPS redirect on new websites
  • DNS API support has been added to acme.sh for customers who want to use Let’s Encrypt certificates on their own servers

Documentation is in Dutch only (sorry):

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Free automated Let’s Encrypt SSL in Cpanel. See Demo: www.tremhost.com/demo.html

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Hi there,

veroservers.com supports “Let’s Encrypt”:

Instructions on installation SSL certificate (Tips for new cloud hosting account section)

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Is this thread still relevant?

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I was wondering if the list is/was still being updated, although I hadn’t checked it out in some time. :roll_eyes:

wouldn’t it now better to make a list of hosting providers that don’t support free tls cert then try to make a list of all the random hosting providers?

There’s no point in shaming hosting providers, most of them run on legacy software platforms that they keep together with saliva and wooden sticks.

It’s better to highlight the good ones. (The really good ones)



Just want to add that CharlesWorks at https://charlesworks.com has provided Full HTTPS support using Let’s Encrypt for our hosting clients at no additional charge with their hosting for many years. An information page, including how to install using our DirectAdmin servers is located at https://charlesworks.com/how-to-use-lets-encrypt-for-ssl-on-your-website for anyone’s perusal.

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