DigitalOcean, NetworkSolution and DNS

Hi everyone,

We have droplet at Digital Ocean (Ubuntu LAMP on 14.04) and we have Domain at Network solution.
I do not have access to this domain DNS control, when I set up this website, I was only asked for the IP address of the droplet by the owner of the domain, so I’m assuming the DNS A record are pointed to the droplet IP, and therefore it works just fine? Today I was asked to add SSL certificate, my understanding is I cannot do this as the domain name server isn’t pointed DigitalOcean - and this will have to be done from domain registrar.

Am I correct?

You only need control of DNS if you want to use DNS validation (e.g. if you need a wildcard rather than a regular certificate).

You can use the HTTP challenge if that suits you better - most people do.

Not even sure how that would work being that my droplet doesn’t have a domain, its just an IP address?

Well, you'll need to point a domain to your droplet, with an A record. Where the nameservers are hosted is irrelevant in that respect.

The domain either does or doesn't resolve to your droplet. You can test this by opening it in a browser or running a ping or any other connectivity test.

I just check with and the domain A record points to the droplet IP.

That’s great, that’s all you need for Certbot to succeed.

certbot -d --apache
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Don’t forget to add -d if you require it.

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