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Hi all, I’m new to this so I apologize if this has been answered in another location that I wasn’t able to locate. I recently switched hosts over to nixihost and they’ve been great so far. I asked them to install the LE certs on all domains and they did that however, my main domain name is showing under the issued to for all other addon domains. I’d like to not advertise which domains are “connected”. I asked the host about this and I was told the only way for this to work was to use a reseller account and have each domain under a different user. I’ve seen comments across the web which indicate that’s not true. Are there any instructions around so that I can do this myself and not have to bother the admins at my host? I’d like to do it myself but again, I’m new to this. I would like each domain to have the issued to listed as it’s own site if possible.

Thank you for your help and again, sorry if this has already been answered.

My main domain is: bluecrewoptics.com

I’m using a control panel to manage my site: 74.0 (build 6)



Your certificate is issued automatically by AutoSSL (a plugin cPanel provides), which does not provide any support for separating domain names. (it would request a certificate to every domain that’s on your account)

If you want to request a certificate dedicated to each domain, you need to make sure your domains are “Addon” domains, not “parked” or “Alias”, then go to zerossl.com or sslforfree.com to follow their instructions & request a certificate.

Also, make sure you have a icon on your cPanel that look like the following:

so you could install the certificate by yourself.

Please note: If you use the above-mentioned method, you’ll need to renew it manually every 90 days.

Thank you



Thank you for the quick reply. This is exactly what I was looking for. While it might be a small pain to renew them every 90 days, keeping them separate from each other will work better for me.

All of my domains are addons and I do have the SSL/TLS icon in my cPanel.

Now should I just go in to the cPanel and uninstall the old cert and then get the ones from zerossl and install them? Will I need to do individual certs for things like mail.website1.com and www.website1.com or are they considered “wildcard” certs per addon domain?

Thank you again!



You’ll need to check it out from your cPanel…
Normally it would be grouped by domain (addon domains), but for some cPanel setup you’ll need to install the certificate one by one.

Also, please go to SSL / TLS status tab and “ignore” every domain you plan to request & install certificate by yourself, so it will not try to replace the domains with autossl certificate.

Thank you

P.S. I have a misspelling on last reply, you’ll need to manually request & install it…


Thanks again @stevenzhu. You’ve been extremely helpful. I will be getting to this shortly thanks to your guidance. Have a great day! :grin:


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