Difference between certbot-renew vs certbot-renewal?

Can someone help me understand the exact difference between the certbot-renew.service vs certbot-renewal.service? Likewise with certbot-renew.timer and certbot-renewal.timer ?

As far as I can tell, the functionality is the same. However, I am unable to figure out why certbot-renew is on one of our servers and certbot-renewal is on another. I had a hunch that it could be due to one using Apache and the other using a standalone cert, but I am not certain this is the reason and could not find documentation on the difference.

Both are running Amazon Linux 2. I verified the version of certbot on both servers is 1.9.0


certbot-renew.{timer,service} come with the Certbot packages from EPEL.

I'm not sure where certbot-renewal.{timer,service} come from. No distro packages (that I know of) use that name.

If I had to venture a guess: the system administrator created those units by hand.


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