Did renew need webroot to renew?

Hello everybody.

I have Beginn to create all my zertifikates.
No problem, all running after some small problems. :slight_smile:
But now I have a question and find no answer.

To create all my zertifikates I have used webroot.
So I must create a webroot folder for every domain to verify. But domains like mail.domain.de and ftp.domain.de not needed with web access for me. So I have delete the webroot folders after creating the zertifikates.
Works all fine, but now my question.

Is webroot Verifikation needed for renew too?

And a second question, can I change the webroot folder after the certificates are created?

Sorry for my bad English and thanks for answears.

Great from Germany

Hi @WuChEn,

Yes, if you issued your certificates using the webroot method then renewing them will use the same method.

You can but I don't recommend it. Keep in mind, if you change the webroot of your domains your should edit every renewal conf file for your domains /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/yourdomain.confand replace the old webroot path with the new one.



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