Did a mess and need help

Hi, I'm triying to install a https certificate on my jeedom (running on rpi4, raspian buster)
I'm not an expert and I think I did a mess following several tutorials and maybe installing several versions of certbot and/OR letsencrypt (like one in usr/ and anotherone in usr/local)

Now I would just like to clean it all and start fresh witch a clean install

My domain is: home.giarratana.ovh
I ran this command:
history | grep certbot

It produced this output:

Is it installed under /snap/bin and if so is that location in your path?

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I don't even know :frowning: I just copy paste the commands I see on tutorials, I just like to have 3/4 command lines to make sure all installations are removed

Here's some the tutorials I followed:

??? what 's this?

If it can help...

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