Dialog based interface flashes

Since the update, which introduced the “dialog” based interface when requesting certificates, the whole terminal (here the whole screen) flashes with each new line. As ncurses should support updating without a whole redraw, it seems that it’s not used in the correct way (redrawing the whole screen instead of adding a line in the middle).
This is very annoying. Either it should go back to just outputting the lines on the terminal (why not?) or change how the dialog is used. Personally i do not see a point in using a dialog interface, when no interaction (buttons, etc.) is needed.

Not sure about the flashing problem you mentioned (haven’t noticed anything like that, might depend on your terminal), but you can use -t to force text-only mode.

I have here a urxvt (rxvt-unicode) in a big window. And unlike most curses interfaces it repeatedly flashes (maybe other terminals render a bit more slowly, so it does not switch to black in between).

Without reading code, it seems like something like “dialog” is started and closed again for each new line, displaying the whole logfile.

-t sounds like a good workaround, though.

I’ve got similar problems in urxvt with screen or tmux. It seems to be a problem with the graphics driver. Try to (de)activate vertical sync.

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