Deleted LE files and now can't fix it

Internal issue with Chrome was the culprit, sorry.

Just --apache.

If you deleted live/ and archive/, then you are going to have to wait for the rate limitation to expire in order to issue a new one (1 week for this one).

You could try download one of your previous certificates from | and see if the private key that correlates to that certificate is backed up in /etc/letsencrypt/keys.

It's hard to know what to say without seeing what the error was and understanding what you were trying to do.

Could you please tell me how to disable the forced https forwarding from Option 2? I can get by without https for a week but cannot figure out how to reverse the forced https in the meantime.

What domain is getting forced HTTPS? Neither nor have this from my testing.

The API domain is for me. I understand this probably means its a localized issue, but any idea where the problem may lie?

I’m very sorry, it seems this whole issue was caused by Chrome. For some reason it still has an hours old cache that it won’t delete even after clearing browsing data and hard reloading.

Delete this thread if you can, I’ll wait a week to reinstall certs and switch back to Moz. Thanks for your help.

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Good to hear you figured it out.

A 301 redirect is considered “permanent” by browsers - the browser will remember it for as long as it can. Both Chrome and Firefox will treat it in approximately the same way.

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