Deleted Cert - now Apache or Wordpress problem?

Hello: I have an Ubuntu 2004 server running Apache. It has several domain names and associated Let's Encrypt certificates on it. No problems.

However, I just installed a new cert, and unfortunately I didn't prepare the sites well, so they didn't render properly. To reverse the process I did SUDO certbot delete on that domain. That seemed to work ok.

The current(non-Wordpress) site for this domain is in the root. We are developing a new Wordpress site in

The site is working fine (just the usual non-secure notifications

The also is ok.

However is generating NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID as that URL is trying to use a SSL cert from another domain on the server.

To summarize: OK OK OK (Wordpress) ERROR (Wordpress)

Any ideas on how to solve or troubleshoot would be appreciated.

This problem occurs with Chrome. With Firefox and MS I don't get the certificate error.


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It's tough to help you without knowing your domain, but my best guess is that Chrome has cached a previous HTTP 301 redirect for from when you had a certificate setup.

As a result, despite you having deleting the certificate, Chrome is still forcing you to the HTTPS version of the site when you visit using that URL specifically.

Since you no longer have a certificate for, Apache serves you a default certificate which is unrelated to your domain, resulting in the browser error.


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