Curl: TCP connection reset by peer

Hi folks!

Thanks for all the help troubleshooting and patience!

We have found a couple places that were causing at least some errors and fixed them.

  • Added additional frontend proxy capacity.
  • Lowered our frontend proxy keepalive timeout to be less than our firewall session timeout.

Let us know if you are still seeing problems.


Hey @andygabby,
thx for the Feedback & hopefully the Solution to this Problem! :wink:
Today no Errors so far … if Errors occur I will report back!
thx, bye from sunny Austria

Update 10.10. - 18:05 (MESZ - UTC+2): Still no Errors so far
Update 11.10. - 09:52 (MESZ - UTC+2): Still no Errors so far
Update 14.10. - 23:19 (MESZ - UTC+2): Still no Errors so far


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I was able to workaround this problem by adding a bigger random delay to our lets encrypt handlers, so the cron jobs move away from the full hour mark more.

I’m sure you want to fix this on your side too, but maybe something to think about for others to ease the burden on your infrastructure.


@mhaecker - our renewals happen completely random, 1.440 Minutes a Day :wink:
Didn’t notice any big correlation with “heavy load” times (See Error Log here: Curl: TCP connection reset by peer)
But since the Changes LE made the Errors are gone, not a single one on our Side … so I guess they got the Prob sorted! :wink:

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