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I want to install an SSL cert on my website which is:

My hosting provider (Irish Company) is, ‘register 365’ ( and I only upgraded to a cPanel hosting account last week.

After asking for their help, they said, in order for me to use Let’s Encrypt, I have to upload all my files from their hosting platform to cPanel. I haven’t a clue how to do this. They want to charge me €60 to do all that, and add my domains to cPanel also.

That’s question number 1; Do I need to upload all my files to cPanel to use Let’s Encrypt?

And Question 2:
Is there any dummy version on how to install Let’s Encrypt then to cPanel as I’m lost for that too. I haven’t a clue how to log in as root/SSH or whatever that means! I use a macbook.

Apologies for the complete newbie-ness.

I’m not sure what to share with you to find out more info, but here’s my cpanel info;

Host Name:

I know I’m missing a lot here, but I don’t know what to share so hoping someone can help.

Kind Regards,

David :slight_smile:

At least you would need to make your domain point to that server…

I do have a tutorial available… There are lots of them on internet…

However, please note that if you use cPanel hosting without autossl / fleetssl installed on the server, you would need to manually renew your certificate once per 90 days.

Thank you

Thank you.

Is there any downside to me transferring my files all over to cPanel?

If this won’t do anything to my website(s) - I may as well just pay my hosting provider to change them over? And ensure the domains point to that server too.

Once that’s complete, I can follow your steps then above.

If you want to save some time and work… Pay the hosting provider.

Else you could transfer the site by yourself…

I’m not sure… It depend on how “experienced” you are with all transfer process…

Thanks for your help Steven.

So I’ve payed my hosting provider to move files to cpanel.

When I click the text string to see if it’s on my server, my website just says 404 page not found.

Is this down to my cpanel or am I missing something completely?


I think you need a exemption from your WordPress site… Please try to modify .htaccess file and exclude .well-known in that.

Thank you

Steven, finally, I got things installed! I had to install the text files in a different folder to verify the site.

It’s for this website ( but it’s not showing for me yet? (No green pad lock, no https)

Are there more steps I need to do after this to make it work fully?


The certificate is deployed onto your server… However, your site has a mixed content error…

Please use the following link to see each of the content (that loaded from http) & change those to use https.

Thank you

Just want to say Thank you Steven. Got everything up and running on my first website :slight_smile: Now it’s onto number two. Appreciate your help.

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