Coworker gone and let me with run wacs.exe today

hello , my coworker leave and in is calender it's write

run wacs.exe...
so i go on the server and i run the application...

after the execution the domain will be registered fine ? for how much time ?
thanks for your help im sorry i dont know much

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I am not sure what it is you're asking.

If you want to know the validity period of a certificate, it's 90 days. You should renew after 60.


ok so i start the app

i see

im not sure to understand me too ,
i chose r for Renew

and what will happen ?

i see the due date is 18 of december

that i understant the renewal will only be possible the 18 of december right ?
after i will do a renew and the server will do the renewal valid for 3 month ?

Where did you see that? It seems WACS has the opinion there is nothing due.

No, you can, in principle, "always" renew a certificate, but Let's Encrypt advices to renew 30 days before the expiry date of the certificate. Thus, a window of 30 days.



i hit to see the detail of the renewal

how i can know everything is fine ?

Ah, sorry, I misinterpreted the "due" in your first post. With this in mind, WACS will start to try to renew from the 18th.

WACS already renewed the certificate about 2 months ago, so unless that was a manual step, it seems to work.

My advice would be to check WACS again on the 18th or 19th and see if everything goes according to plan. And make sure the renewed cert is also actually used by the services using the cert.


i hit the renew option., i will see what happen

No, don't do anything! It should be all automatic.

By manually trying to do something, you won't know if it will automatically renew.

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Use a site like below to check the certificate dates in use by your server. It is one thing to have wacs know about the cert but another thing for your server or web service to know too.


ok i force renew and everything look fine now.

Too bad.. Now you won't know if automatic renewal works for another 60 days..

AND you renewed too early.


yeah but I will have a good holiday time :slight_smile:

So you should find that by default wacs has a Windows Scheduled Task which runs the renewals for you if they are due, and it's quite rare to have to run it manually (the app has an option to recreate the scheduled task somewhere). You should check that's there and then monitor renewals to see that they are happening (the certificate start dates should updated every few months).


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