Corrupt renewal domain-0001

I was try to renew the certificate “certbot renew”’ & get error - “No valid IP addresses found for domain”.
After push --force-renewal got extra folder under etc/letsencrypt/…/domain-0001, after close check of DNS realize that I accidentally delete cname record so after restore missing line - renew was successful.
So my question is it safe to remove this folders under live, archive & renewal? or there are some step by step thinks that I must take in to account.

My server:
Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 18.04, Ngnix

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Hard to say with just this information. Did you use the nginx plugin to install the certificates? Or did you manually install the certificate in your nginx configuration?

Because if you’d remove the certificate used by nginx, you would end up with an unusable nginx until you’d correct the error manually.

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