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first of all thanks for this amazing certification system!

I own a vps at contabo ( which refer to for vps. Each vps have a subdomain to be addressed, so 1 subdomain is a vps.

The problem is when i try to register my subdomain with certbot and i get the error below:

An unexpected error occurred:
There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for:

This is a problem because i’m not able to generate e ssl certificate for may default domain.

Could you consider to augment the maximum amount of certificates issued for



Hi @mad4hit,

Please see


In the former page there’s a link to the rate limit exemption request form, which you can submit to bring your request to the attention of the person dealing with this. There is a backlog for this and it could take several weeks for your request to be considered.

Hi @shaneoh,
thanks for the explanation.

I’ve written to the contabo support for fill the form you have link to me.


Sorry, somehow I misread your note and thought that you were working for Contabo rather than a customer. Now I understand that you’re a customer there.

We would often suggest getting your own individual domain name in this case, but if Contabo does request an exemption, it will be considered. They can also try to list on the Public Suffix List, but the request may be disfavored if they can’t give reasons why it would be beneficial other than the Let’s Encrypt rate limit.

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