Consultants who support Let's Encrypt

This topic is meant to help users find paid support services for Let’s Encrypt. Each person or company can make one post here describing that person or company’s background and service offerings.

A few background notes:

  • Asking questions here on the forum (not in this topic—by starting a new topic!) is the recommended way for Let’s Encrypt users to get help, and is always free of charge. You never have to pay for help on the forum, including help from people mentioned in this thread.
  • Paid support might be relevant if you want to pay someone to proactively solve your problem for you, or if, for some reason, you can’t share any of the details of your site.
  • People offering services in this thread are not employed by ISRG/Let’s Encrypt, and it can’t guarantee the quality of their support. The services advertised here are from third parties.

At present I don’t offer much in the way of paid services, but the expanding set of tools I provide on my website are available for free to those trying to utilize or aid others with Let’s Encrypt.

  • Get absolutely-free wildcard certificates in seconds with no installation or configuration of an acme client. No limits on the number of certificates (except those imposed by Let’s Encrypt). For a price, I can setup a similar system exclusively for your domain and subdomains.
  • Instant decoding of PEM-formatted public keys, private keys (at your own risk), certificate signing requests (CSRs), and certificates (CRTs) with additional support coming soon for more types and encryption methods
  • DNS record checking coming soon to aid with ensuring record visibility when performing manual (or debug) DNS challenges

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Hi! I myself am now providing paid support for Let's Encrypt integrations.

I was one of the developers of Certbot and am a co-author of the Let's Encrypt academic paper. I've also been one of the most active members of this forum community since the beginning, and have successfully helped thousands of people here solve their problems.

I continue to enjoy helping people free of charge on this forum (in public). If you'd like help from me privately, including via an audio or video call, or remotely debugging your certificate problems, or figuring out an integration issue, please get in touch with me via my web site above.

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I'm Christopher and my company Webprofusion develops and supports Certify The Web ( full-time. This app is an extensive UI and background service for managing certificate requests, renewals and deployments via ACME (Let's Encrypt, BuyPass GO, ZeroSSL etc). The app is currently used on Windows servers but is expanding to Linux for centralized certificate management scenarios. The app was originally focused on IIS when we started in December 2015 but has grown to support a wide range of other certificate deployments (which can be customized). We try to cater for all levels of user experience and all common certificate uses.

Our software has a free Community Edition which a large part of our user base use, this manages a limited number of certificates and is otherwise unrestricted, support is provided via - we currently have more than 100,000 daily users.

We also offer Starter Edition ($49 for 12 months license, 1 install), Professional ($99 for 18-month license, 3 installs), Power Pro and Enterprise licenses of our software which are just limited on the number of installs for each tier. These versions come with access to our support helpdesk ticketing system - this (combined with app ease-of-use) is where most customers get extra value from our service. Many of our customers are not especially confident with managing and using certificates so they get a real benefit from having someone they can ask and expect a reply from.

Some of our customers operate the software on more than 100 servers, and some manage certs for more than 2000 domains per server and they get visibility on renewals and also use our centralised reporting dashboard feature.


Hello Seth, I have a paid project I'd like to discuss with you (integration with F5 firewall) if you're available and interested. Also submitted via your web site.

Thanks, Jim