Confusing Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain

Hi support team,

My domain is and it run on Plesk (with latest Let’s Encrypt extension: and I recently got expiration notice about 10 days of expiration for that domain. I’ve checked the expiration date and it’s true ( but I’m confusing why the valid time’s quite short and why doesn’t it renew automatically? Could you explain and let me know how to renew it automatically?

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The background/rationale on short duration certificates is here:

Plesk Let’s Encrypt plugin should be renewing your certificates automatically.

Based on , it has renewed it once in the past. But you are right, it should have renewed it again by now.

You might have better luck getting Plesk-specific help on the Plesk forums or from your web hosting provider, since from what I have seen, there are not any huge Plesk users here.

If you can find any information in C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\var\modules\letsencrypt\logs and post it here, that would help too.


Thanks @_az, that info is very helpful for me, I will ask Plesk for further.

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