Conflict with existing certificates after installing certbot


Installation was successful onto Centos6 and running certbot-auto listed all my vhosts by number.

I was able to choose two domains and the certificates were installed. Just for simplicity these were numbers 200,201 and 202,203 - both domains having www and non-www vhosts. all good.

next I tried just 9,10 and late 13,14 - both claimed to be associated with 128 which is a domain with a commercial SSL installed.

I wonder if it is because these domains are ‘higher up’ the list and are competing with 128? or is this a red herring.

The main concern is why these domains (9, 10, 13, 14) are being associated with 128 on install and is there a way to debug this.

If you want to see the conflict in action visit: (all good on port 80) then try - warning message - click advanced and see it is associated with (also on my server but secured with another brand of ssl)




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