Configuring ningx on ECS with Letsencrypt and auto certs renewal


I’m not too great at configuring serves to work with Letsencrypt ssl certs and auto renewing them. But recently by following some article and videos I was able to set up the poc on Aws ec2 instance, but in practical scenario we would like to set up an ECS instance that includes Nginx reverse proxy with Letsencrypt ssl certs auto renewal and whole bunch of other containers working behind nginx reverse proxy stuff. Any help would be appreciated.


Ordinarily I would recommend:

  1. - to automatically run and generate nginx configurations for each of the containers you want to reverse proxy
  2. - to automatically coordinate Let’s Encrypt certificates for each nginx virtual host

but it seems like the projects have some open bugs relating to ECS, so you might have some issues setting it up.

It’s worth considering cloud-native solutions like Traefik that have dual support for both Amazon ECS (docs) and Let’s Encrypt (docs) which can ease much of the integration pain.

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