Configuring HTTPs on Inmotion with Joomla


Hi There
I set up Lets Encrypt on my a new website It took some time (my host is inmotion and I have a vps) but eventually I managed to get it on. But there were immediately problems … it would not default to https (even when I forced it to in Joomla) and warnings ensured.
I uninstalled the ssl and now I have huge problems and cannot access my site or my joomla backend because according to Inmotion there is a coding error trying to force SSL when there is none
Can anyone tell me what I can do or what I have to remove to make all this work


Without details about the configuration files, exact methods of how you set things up, things you changed, things you did to make it work, how you tried to remove it et cetera: no, I can’t.


I just want to delete the certificate completely. When I originally set it up … I tried uploading two little files - didn’t work, tried adding text records - didn’t work, tried again and again. Eventually I did manage to get the little Acme files set up but what I didn’t know was that at least one other attempt had been successful. Getting warnings from google - so I uninstalled ssl for that domain on my vps - no joy - I then went and deleted text records - no joy - I then went and found every trace of SSL certificates I could find and deleted them all in cpanel. I JUST WANT IT GONE. I still cannot access my site
By the way when it was installed I was getting dangerous site ahead message from google which is why I just want it gone.
How do you delete the certificates permanently - gone forever. And let me have my site back. Thanks


The HTTP site you have is set to force a redirect to HTTPS, you need to switch this off to get rid of SSL, as Inmotion explained.

The dangerous site warnings usually mean that your site is being used to deliver malware, either because bad guys have made use of a security configuration mistake you made (e.g. maybe you let them upload malware files somewhere) or because things you thought seemed like nice freebies for visitors turn out to actually be very bad. Google can help diagnose this if you’re signed up to their webmaster programme.

Good luck fixing things


Many thanks tialaramx. Now at least I know what I am looking to try to do.
PS there was no malware - it was because I had not installed the certbot which now having looked at is going to be supremely difficult with Apache servers.


Hi @Hbag

There are a couple of articles here that should help you



Hi Andrei
That is very kind of you but not relevant to the problems I have. My host
does not accept LetsEncrypt and the path to actually installing on Apache
is somewhat complex. Bad news is I am in the process of moving my vps to a
cloud server and it seems that too will be apache driven so until I have
the time to drill down and do the homework…
Many thanks again

Warm regards,
Heather Baggaley
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kaleidoscope of new possibilities’


​OK Andrei​ - I have woken up now! Thanks.
I have just been going around in (very many) circles for a few days. I am
registering with Keycdn.

Warm regards,
Heather Baggaley
’At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a
kaleidoscope of new possibilities’


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