Complexity of Linux client

I just installed the Linux/Python client for Let’s Encrypt, and I’m a little appalled at the size and complexity of the code. I tried to attach a complete list of all the files that were added or modified, but it’s over 300k long, and this system won’t accept it.

To add insult to injury, after adding hundreds of new files to my server, I cannot get it to work on my system. I even tried “manual”, but that merely gave me an unintelligible screen of ASCII garbage.

This is not off to a good start…this monster is a greater security risk to my server than merely running a self-signed certificate.

There are also a bunch of other ACME implementations (even one with < 200 lines of code): List of Client Implementations


Also keep in mind that the default client is more than just a CSR-generating script. It is designed to manage all the certificates you issue with it. It’s naturally going to be a lot heavier than you may want. The list of clients that mrtux provided is a good start for finding something that may fit your needs better.