Command not found

This should be pretty easy but on Fedora 24 failed to find command following succ install

dnf install python-certbot-apache

dialog.x86_64 1.3-4.20160424.fc24 pyOpenSSL.noarch 16.0.0-1.fc24
python-chardet.noarch 2.2.1-5.fc24 python-enum34.noarch 1.0.4-5.fc24
python-idna.noarch 2.0-3.fc24 python-ipaddress.noarch 1.0.16-2.fc24
python-parsedatetime.noarch 1.5-3.fc24 python-pycparser.noarch 2.14-6.fc24
python-zope-component.noarch 4.2.2-3.fc24 python-zope-event.noarch 4.2.0-1.fc24
python-zope-interface.x86_64 4.1.3-4.fc24 python2-acme.noarch 0.8.1-1.fc24
python2-augeas.noarch 0.5.0-5.fc24 python2-certbot.noarch 0.8.1-2.fc24
python2-certbot-apache.noarch 0.8.1-1.fc24 python2-cffi.x86_64 1.5.2-1.fc24
python2-configargparse.noarch 0.10.0-2.fc24 python2-configobj.noarch 5.0.6-4.fc24
python2-cryptography.x86_64 1.3.1-1.fc24 python2-dialog.noarch 3.3.0-8.fc24
python2-funcsigs.noarch 1.0.2-1.fc24 python2-mock.noarch 1.3.0-1.fc24
python2-ndg_httpsclient.noarch 0.4.0-3.fc24 python2-pbr.noarch 1.8.1-4.fc24
python2-ply.noarch 3.8-1.fc24 python2-psutil.x86_64 3.2.1-5.fc24
python2-pyasn1.noarch 0.1.9-6.fc24.1 python2-pyrfc3339.noarch 1.0-3.fc24
python2-pysocks.noarch 1.5.6-3.fc24 python2-requests.noarch 2.10.0-2.fc24
python2-urllib3.noarch 1.15.1-3.fc24 pytz.noarch 2015.7-3.fc24

[root@dell apache]# certbot --apache
bash: certbot: command not found
[root@dell apache]# locate certbot
[root@dell apache]# exit
[pwc@dell apache]$ certbot
bash: certbot: command not found
[pwc@dell apache]$ locate certbot
[pwc@dell apache]$

I’m not too familiar with the Fedora packaging, but I think there’s a “main” certbot package, and python-certbot-apache is just a plugin for that package.

Not exactly sure why there’s no dependency on certbot from that other package - might be a bug, or might be for some good reason I don’t know anything about. :smile:

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