Code on GitHub? What happened to open source?

Is this an EFF sponsored project? I am rather surprised to see the code hosted on a closed and proprietary platform.

Certbot is a project of the EFF

LetsEncrypt is a project of the ISRG (

Both use Github. All the licenses are open source. Here are some samples.


Why would it surprise you that the code is hosted on the largest repository on the planet for F/OSS projects? And if you’re operating on the… curious… belief that a F/OSS project must use F/OSS software for everything associated with the project, where does it stop? Can they only work on F/OSS OSs? So nobody can work on this using Windows or macOS? Must they use F/OSS text editors? What about the hardware? None of the systems being used by anyone involved in this are Open Hardware–is that a problem too?

Where does the ideological purity test stop?


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