CNAME type validation failed in some cases

There is the problem that I found:

Someone want to apply the LetsEncrypt certificate for domain *

Then he set a CNAME record for and the value is

And had set the right TXT value that LetsEncrypt expected.

I use dig cmd to check the TXT value of It worked and it's correct.

Then I dig but the expected TXT value was not found.

Why ?

This is first time that I found CNAME type validation could be come up with this situation.

Hi @test_mail_new

there is no CNAME. Not for, not for (not relevant)

May be the name servers are buggy, that happens.

Or that user has done something wrong, but that's speculative.

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Yeah, he had remove the CNAME record.

Thank you for your opinion.

It seems that this case is rare.

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