CloudCannon: SSL Certificate mismatch

The website is and I’m using CloudCannon for hosting. When certbot asked for domain name, I put in but the certificate says the common name is “”, which I think is the alias for cloudcannon websites. I was using Cloudflare before and changed my nameservers back to cloudcannon’s before creating the ssl certificate. What do you think caused this and what can I do? Thank you

Hi @vincep,

Did you follow the steps to install the cert for your site on cloudcannon?.


Yes I did. I followed every step but it’s still pointing to their default domain name

@vincep, so I suppose you contacted support to enter in the private beta because seems it is not available for all the customers.

CloudCannon SSL support is in private beta. To join, contact support and request access.

If you have followed all the steps then you need to contact them, they are the only ones who can help you here.

Good luck,

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Oh I see. Thank you. I don’t have access to the private beta yet. I’m just waiting on their response Thank you.


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