Clearing Certs?

Just wondering if its possible for someone to clear my certificates from certbot?
I made a few tests without realizing what i had done. And now i need a cert to publish my site. Currently running through cloud flare SSL but my site doesnt play nice with it.
Domain is

Thank you

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"Clearing" (i.e., deleting) your certs is something that you'd do with the certbot delete command. But if your problem is that you've hit one of the rate limits, no, none of us can reset that for you--you'll just need to wait. And use the staging environment for testing purposes so you don't hit the limit again.

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Hi @ValkiryXDA

you have to change that.

Please read

the first three topics of "Overview" and "Rate limits". If you have an explicit problem, answer all the questions of the standard template you have deleted.

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