Chromecast untrusted certificate

Hello I have a Synology Nas ds218. I set up reverse proxy to access to my Nas using Synology domain :

I made a certificate with let's encrypt which works great. I can access at home and outside to my Nas without any issue. I can use the app dsvideo outside without any issue.

But when I tried Chromecast on a friends house I receive a message that my certificate is untrusted by Chromecast.

Do you know how I can solve this issue. It's only concerning Chromecast.

The URL doesn't exist? Without the hostname we can't really see if something is wrong with the certificate.

I can't reach that hostname on port 443, nor on port 80. Also, won't be able to debug further until later this evening (CEST), so maybe someone else on the Community can help you further.

I think it's due to firewall protection. I added Netherlands location as authorised.
Hope it's ok now

Can't see anything wrong with the certificate. The correct chain is send, issued by the DST Root CA X3, a root certificate widely supported.. Not sure why Chromecast is complaining about the cert?

I don't know why also. Everything is working correctly on every devise and no warning concerning certificate issue. Only Chromecast.

I'm not really familiair with how Chromecast works, but it might be something as simple as an incorrect hostname used by the Chromecast device? Or do you tell it to connect directly to the hostname mentioned earlier?

I'm not using the link directly but through Ds video app on my mobile. The app is set to use the link provided with login and password for user connection.
The connection work but when I'm trying to launch a video I receive the error show in the picture

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