Check subscription status after "resubscribing" by updating email

I unsubscribed from renewal notices for and wanted to resubscribe. The forum tells me the only way to do this is to update the email address, which I just did. How can I know if I'm subscribed again? (I just added "+getpublished" to the previous email address.) I'm running Dokku so I'm actually not 100 % sure what certbot command was run, as I only see the buildpack output.

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To the best of my knowledge, you will only be notified if renewal is due or revocation has occurred. There isn't a sign-up/update "confirmation". I think I'll submit an issue against Boulder (the Let's Encrypt CA software) to try to push this forward. It has been a somewhat regular question and annoyance.

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The ability to simply resubscribe would be nice too :slight_smile:


I concur. Issue submitted.


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