Changing or adding domain name after obtaininng SSL certificate

Just installed "Nextcloud" under Ubuntu 16.04 (Apache2) in a Hyper-v VM on a Windows machine. Obtained an ssl certificate through LetsEncrypt associated with my domain

During setup, I used my basic domain name "". I can now access my Nextcloud installation via "" .


Instead of giving users the address, I want to use "".

When I try to use the URL I receive the following message:

The certificate is only valid for

Is there a way to associate the already-acquired ssl certificate with "" instead of "

Also, assuming I can make the change to use "" instead of "" how can I disable "" so that it no longer directs to my Nextcloud installation?

Hi @scooter2,

This requires issuing a new certificate. The same certificate can cover up to 100 separate names. So you should be able to request a certificate covering both and, and then the browser should accept the certificate when you access the service under the latter name.

The routine/script that I ran to obtain the original certificate seems to not be able to run a second time. That script was:

sudo /var/scripts/

I think the script was installed along with Nextcloud, but not certain of that. Anyway, it doesn’t appear that it can be run a second time (maybe was deleted?).

So, how do I delete my existing certificate and create another one? Pretty sure that I read that I first have to disable ssl and then delete the existing cert[s] before I can create a new one.

And, what script/command do I run to obtain a new script?

sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt

or you could try to temporarily shutdown nextcloud and use certbot in standalone mode.
And then manually insert the new cert via:
sudo nextcloud.enable-https custom -s $cert $private-key $fullchain

If that works you might be able to use :443 for nextcloud and :80 for just certbot renewals and not have to shutdown nextcloud when renewing.

Good info. Thanks. I think I need to modify a Nextcloud configuration fill also, to add the new domain as a “Trusted Domain”. I think I know which file it is, and how to do it. But not sure if I need to do it before creating a new certificate or after. I’m inquiring within the nextcloud community on that question.

Thanks for the two script command options (if they’re called "scripts). I’ll try those once I get confirmation about my remaining Nextcloud “Trusted Domains” question.

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