Changing hosting with the same domain

I purchased a lifetime hosting package for $50.00. I moved my site to the new hosting provider and I decided I like my cloud hosting better (Amazon AWS EC2 Bitnami). So I moved my site back to AWS on an Ubuntu 14.04 EC2 intance. When I moved my hosting to the shared provider I tried to get a Letsencrypt certificate from Cpanel. Still I liked AWS better so I pointed my domain back to a newly created EC2 intance. I then proceeded to install another letsencypt certificate on my AWS instance. I used this tutorial …

Ever since then I’ve been getting this in my email…

A critical error was encountered during the Let’s Encrypt SSL renewal process.

Account: cosmicji
Action: Failed to group domains for renewal
Error: Invalid domain specified:

Please contact your web host for more information on how to fix this issue.

The new certificate for the same domain I issued for my AWS EC2 seems to work fine.

I guess the e-mail comes from your “shared hosting provider” and not from an AWS system?

If so, you should, as the error already tells you to, contact your web host for more information on how to fix this issue.

There is no DNS resolution for resolves to:
Addresses: 2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:a84f

But nothing for the WWW.

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