Certify the Web crash after latest update

I notice that emails are not flowing via server since 4 days. In my investigation path it was also to check Certify the Web. This software said it is an update. I update and now I face this.
My email flow is still not working and I will not able to view if someone will reply here or not, even that.
IN exchange logs I found some reference to TSL and I suspect it might be the situation that Let'S Encrypt certificate onli live for 3 months and after 2 months the problem begin since it is only 1 month till expiration. Bad deal.

any idea how to we fix CertifyTheWeb ?

The author of Certify checks in here regularly but you are better off submitting such a problem directly on their support forum.

This does not seem like a problem with Let's Encypt certificates in any case.


Uninstall and reinstall it?
Send an email like the error message asks?


Uninstall Latest and Reinstall Previous not work.
"Send an email like the error message asks" - Yes i send them an email too.
Now I'm going to reinstall Exchange since not much to be done since Event Viewer looks pretty good .

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