Certify SSL Manager - V3 testers unite!

After some pretty big changes we have a new v3 release of Certify SSL Manager (Let’s Encrypt certificate request/auto renewal GUI for IIS on Windows) and would like to invite people to try out the beta: https://certifytheweb.com/ (see the Beta download tab).

It now includes the following new features/changes:

  • Background service for processing/auto renewal - we’re no longer dependant on running a scheduled task and can perform scalable renewal failure handling (progressively backing off the frequency of renewal attempts)
  • Optional reporting dashboard (across multiple servers) and notifications for renewal failures
  • New internal settings database (SQLite) to replace our json settings file, this makes managing thousands of sites per server more robust.
  • UI updates & fixes, new and updated translations, async loading etc

All of these changes create an inevitable amount of instability so it would be great it folks could test it out and give feedback. Private feedback can also be sent to apps {at} webprofusion.com and you can also log issues on github: https://github.com/webprofusion/certify/issues

For new users the general getting started is:

  • Install Certify SSL Manager on your IIS server via remote desktop.
  • Click ‘New Certificate’, select your IIS site, click ‘Request Certificate’. Done.
  • For advanced users there are numerous other options :slight_smile:

Note that you need to setup your hostname bindings for your website in IIS, otherwise the app doesn’t know what domains to include in your certificate.



p.s. in particular I’m looking for IPv6 users to try out the IPv6 advanced binding options, and to get feedback on the usefulness of the multi-server dashboard reporting.


Just a quick update: the v3 stable release is out now and recommended for all users.


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