Certificates for systems

We are looking to use your certificates on our systems.

Are they compatable with Citrix sharefile/Storefront/license servers
teams 3cx voice systems
Ubiquti wifi
vmware devices

In general Let's Encrypt certificates are compatible with any service that uses a public domain name as the subject name identifier(s), so yes you can use them with all of those things.


What are the certificate requirements for them?


@synextra Also, did you mean "can these devices serve Let's Encrypt certificates" (for their own individual names), or "can these devices accept Let's Encrypt certificates" (when connecting to some other service that's certified using Let's Encrypt)?

For the second question (which is what people ask more often), the most current information that's been collected is at

I'm sure the community would be interested in having more details there, so if you end up learning (or anyone else reading this ends up learning) that Let's Encrypt certificates do or don't work with other devices or OSes, it would be great to share that information and it will probably be added to the compatibility page.


For the first question, the answer is "these certificates are in a standard format and can almost certainly be served by almost any device that supports TLS, but there might not be tools to automate the process of creating and installing the certificates in-place on those devices, so you might have to create your own scripts or workflow to install the certificates, which you should be aware are always valid for exactly 90 days, and have to be replaced frequently".


That is the cert we are trying to replace

And is that certificate installed on the various devices that you asked about, or is it installed on a server somewhere that those various devices then access?


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