Certificate works for www.example.com, but not for example.com

Hi, my domain is www.mpnpatientevent.com and it works with www.
Also it shows no error here https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.mpnpatientevent.com

As you may see on link above, it says

Subject www.mpnpatientevent.com
Fingerprint SHA256: d49a4e1b43dc432dea0a8d2c5a67b73f1170922959f9d275c452780eedb43734
Pin SHA256: ovDlKwe7e3f7/8/8p70Pf+KLmhZUVEf4Ck1QGy7RjRY=
Common names www.mpnpatientevent.com
Alternative names mpnpatientevent.com www.mpnpatientevent.com

So I believe that domain without www is also included in this certificate, right?

But it doesn’t work in browser without www.

Below is error I receive in Chrome browser:

Subject: ip-10-90-1-80
Issuer: ip-10-90-1-80

What is ip-10-90-1-80 ?

How to solve this error?
Please advise.

Hi @marchello

there are some bugs you should fix.

First - the non-www version uses a self signed certificate - https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=mpnpatientevent.com

E=root@ip-10-90-1-80, CN=ip-10-90-1-80, 
OU=SomeOrganizationalUnit, O=SomeOrganization, 
L=SomeCity, S=SomeState, C=--
expires in 364 days	localhost, localhost.localdomain, 
ip-10-90-1-80, ip-10-90-1-80.ec2.internal - 4 entries

It's an Apache, what says

apachectl -S

Add the non-www to your www vHost with an

ServerAlias mpnpatientevent.com

then again apachectl -S.

Second: Your redirect has a "missing /", so /.well-known/acme-challenge/random-filename is redirected to a not existing domain.




is a loop.

And you have created 9 certificates today.

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JuergenAuer, thanks I will check with our admin tomorrow. Also it would be great to know how do we turn off using mentioned self-signed certificate. It’s linux ami (amazon ec2) and it is not too well-documented…

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