Certificate renewed, but expiration mail still sent

I’ve setup certbot to renew my certificate for a handful of domains, including ‘imada.sdu.dk’, which works flawlessly. The certificate is correctly being renewed in time, yet I received an expiration mail stating that there was only 9 days until expiry, but double checking with ‘certbot certificates’ tells me that the certificate is valid until September 4th… Is this a somewhat common thing, that I can simply dismiss or what can I do to make sure that no false uncertainty arises in the future?

Hi @sgiv

please read the link shared in the mail.

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Hi Jürgen,

I did once add a domain name to the list of covered domains, so that might be the issue, since the mail might be address the fact that the original certificate might not have been correctly revoked?

Is there any way to make up for this?

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Søren G.

You can just ignore the email until the certificate without wiki.imada.sdu.dk expires.

It’s true that revoking the old certificate will silence the emails, however, silencing the reminder emails is not a good reason on its own to revoke a certificate.

Hopefully one day this will be improved, but that’s the state of things for now.

Thank you for the quick answer, and yes - it is indeed the certificate not covering wiki.imada.sdu.dk that’s causing the expiry notice.

Only the certificate covering wiki.imada.sdu.dk is in use, so there would be no issues in the event of a revocation.

Never revoke certificates if the private key isn’t stolen.

May be something goes wrong, than you are happy if you have an additional certificate. Or ignore it, it will expire.

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Okay, I’ll simply let it expire then :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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