Certificate renewal notification emails!

few months ago we’ve changed our hosting company.
In the past our websites were hosted at www.mijnhostingpartner.nl, now they are at www.combell.com.

Since then, we’re receiving every day an e-mail with a certificate renewal notification.

Status of renewal:
Failure: Could not validate the choosen hostname for the certificate. No certificate issued.

The e-mails are coming from the following addres: noreply=mijnpartnergroep.nl@mijnhostingpartner.nl

After contacting our old hosting company (www.mijnhostingpartner.nl), they say that these messages are coming from your systems and they can’t stop them.

We’re receiving this e-mails for 2 domains (www.borms.eu and www.atesa.be)

Is it possible to stop this messages?
Please keep in mind that our 2 domains are still using a Let’s Encrypt certificate at out new hosting company www.combell.be.

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