Certificate on Windows 11 and Oracle

Hello. I have a Windows 11 PC. I have complete control of the PC.
I'm using it as a database application server. I use Oracle 21.C for the database layer and Oracle APEX 21.2 and ORDS 21.4.
I would like to accomplish two things:

  1. Convert my HTTP web server to HTTPS
  2. Enable a certificate for the FTP server (I use FileZilla 1.2)
    Can I accomplish these goals with Let's Encrypt? Is there documentation to guide me with this effort?
    Many Thanks for looking at this.
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Hi @PhilMand and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Unless you have a very old/complicated web server, that should be straight-forward.
Which web server and version are you trying to secure with TLS?

This is a bit more complicated.
First get a cert from LE.
Then read through their instructions on "how-to" us e a cert to secure FTP.
[there are multiple ways to secure FTP - I don't use FileZilla]

If it can be done with any CA cert, then yes - LE is no different.

Begin at the beginning ...
Getting Started - Let's Encrypt (letsencrypt.org)
[pick an ACME client for Windows - preferably one known to work with Win11]


Adding one thing to what @rg305 said, here is one thread for FTP servers


Hello rg305. Thanks for responding. The Web server is ORDS (Oracle RESTful Data Service) version 21.4. ORDS works with Oracle APEX (APplication EXpress), These releases are just a few months old. Is there documentation about working with ORDS?
Thanks again for responding.

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That is a question for Oracle [not LE].


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