Certificate Not Appearing?

I added the second /. Still though, the ssl certificate isn’t appearing at www.emperiouscraft.com. Can someone please solve that issue?

Sorry but your site is working fine to me no matter if I use http://emporiouscraft.com, https://emporiouscraft.com, http://www.emporiouscraft.com or https:/www./emporiouscraft.com it redirects correctly to https://www.emporiouscraft.com/home/ and the certificate is valid, I can’t see any issue.

What browser are you using? On Chrome, it’s not working. I can show you screenshots if you want?

Make sure your browser cache isn’t interfering with anything. Redirects could be cached from previous requests depending on your cache headers.

Can confirm it’s working here on Firefox and Chrome.

I tested it using IE, Chrome and Firefox, all work fine and show a green padlock in https://www.emperiouscraft.com/home/

Clean your chrome cache.

Sorry but I’m leaving now, I’ll check the forum again in a few hours.


Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try

Just gave it a go on Internet Explorer, working fine. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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