Certificate is not valid

this site here on the lin https://vacatorrent.com/torrent-filmes-Matt_McGrath has an expired certificate I installed the certificate isrg root x1 is Let's Encrypt now in detail it appears R3 but it still has a message that the certificate is not valid

I cannot see your domain using HTTPS so cannot check the cert. What are you trying that shows a certificate error?

Your domain is proxied in Cloudflare and is using Cloudflare CDN. I timeout trying HTTPS to your domain so it looks like a comms problem between the Cloudflare CDN Edge and your Origin Server.

An HTTP request is redirected to HTTPS by Cloudflare as is commonly done.

curl -I4 -m10 https://vacatorrent.com
curl: (28) Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

curl -I4 http://vacatorrent.com
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2023 19:32:50 GMT
Location: https://vacatorrent.com/
Server: cloudflare

when I try to enter this page to download a movie this appears

Do you recognize operacao404.mj.gov.br ? What about just the mj.gov.br part?

Because this looks like some sort of firewall blocking the connection. A cert with that name would not be used by Cloudflare so must be intercepting that request after your Windows machine but before reaching Cloudflare and the server for vacatorrent.

What does this do from your Windows command prompt?

nslookup vacatorrent.com

And, is vacatorrent.com your domain and website? Or are you just trying to use it?


I'm preeeeeetty sure some goverment agency is blocking your access to that bittorrent website.

Same thing happens here in The Netherlands: ISPs are forced to block access to some domains, hijacking the DNS request and pointing the hostname to an IP address of the ISP. But they can't get certs issued for that domain name, so the browser will give a certificate error like you're seeing.


I do not recognize operacao404.mj.gov.br nor does mj.gov.br part
I'm trying to use operacao404.mj.gov.br`
Servidor: UnKnown
Address: fe80::1

Não é resposta autoritativa:
Nome: operacaociber.mj.gov.br
Aliases: vacatorrent.com

I'm pretty sure the mj part of the URL stands for "Ministério da Justiça". So I'm still going with the whole "your torrent website is blocked" explanation above.


I agree with Osiris. Your gov is blocking that site. The nslookup for vacatorrent domain looks like this from parts of the world that are not blocked by your gov

nslookup vacatorrent.com

Address: 2606:4700:3031::ac43:9216
Address: 2606:4700:3034::6815:2786

By the way, I wouldn't waste any more time trying to reach vacatorrent.

The site looks broken even if you were not blocked.


there's a part there that says it's not part It's not part of the certificate

Certificates from Let's Encrypt have domain names on them.

They do not contain additional information about who the certificate was issued to, which is why those parts say <Não faz parte do certificado>


what to do to resolve this error here it says the certificate expired on Monday Feb 27, 2023 3:40:25 PM

Do you own and control the vacatorrent.com domain?

As for the Brazilian gov cert, you'd have to contact them.


Ask your goverment to renew the certificate. Not that would help you to gain access to the site, as your goverment is blocking access.. As told a few times already.


I found here at operacao404.mj.gov.br certificates expired in other people in internet options

I delete the certificate now I need to enter the government website to ask to renew the certificate but the government website does not enter what do I do

on the government website it says Unable to access this siteoperacao404.mj.gov.br took too long to respond.

check the connection
Check proxy and firewall
Run Windows Network Diagnostics
Mais sobre government

Now I need to go to the government website to talk to them, how does it work? Are they going to change the website and renew the certificate or are they going to give me a certificate to download?

There are no changes involving certificates you can do to your computer to visit the website. The government of Brazil is blocking your access to the website. The expired certificate is not very important.

Here is some information:

If you want to access this website, you will have to do so from an internet connection outside Brazil. Avoiding Brazilian laws is not on-topic for this forum.


so if the site was blocked would there be some way to talk to them to unblock how to contact the government