Certificate for Netgear ReadyNAS


I use a Netgear ReadyNAS as a file server in my small business office. Web browsers give a security warning when users try to access through the web interface. I don’t know what sort of OS/server ReadyNAS is running and am at a loss for how to start with an appropriate ACME client. Please help.


ReadyNAS is a linux based OS.

Does your file server have a domain name that’s accessible from the internet ? or how do people access the file server in their browser ? (i.e. if it’s just via an internal IP address then you can’t get a cert that will not give a security warning).

If you do use a fully qualified domain name for it, then there are a couple of ways you can do this. You can use one of the bash alternative clients which should run on your device. You could use one of the browser alternative clients, although you would then need to manually copy and paste the cert. Or you could run GetSSL ( a bash alternative client I wrote) on either the device itself, or on a different machine in the office, and automatically obtain the cert and install it on the device.

If it’s not using a fully qualified domain name, then it may be easier just to set the browsers in your office to permanently accept the existing certificate ( assuming it’s only staff, and not visitors that need access)


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