Certes CLI - how to "get" new account key

I’ve used “certes account new” to create a new account, but not sure how to get the file needed for the “certes account set” command (often called account-key.pem).
Thanks, Robert

certes is not managed/maintained by Let’s Encrypt.
Try on their site: https://github.com/fszlin/certes

or maybe:
certes --help

Based on reading the Certes.Cli source code, I think you will want to just use certes account new, but specify a custom output file path for the new account key:

certes account new -out $OUTPATH

The issue not only the generation of the new key (which you can do with any tool, e.g. openssl), but also registering it to the ACME server. The certes account new command does both for you.

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Many thanks - I’ll give that a go!

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