Certbot through GRE tunnel?

I’m trying to figure out how to make certbot work through a relay domain (GRE tunnel). Basically I have the following setup:

public ip / hostname -> GRE Tunnel -> private ip (webroot for hostname)

I’m not sure the proper way of automatically installing / renewing certs on the private ip from the public ip server, so any suggestions would be welcomed! thanks in advance.

what is the domain

as long as the domain can be reached via a public IP and Port 80 or 443 are open you should have no issues

otherwise you can use the DNS challenge

If one would try to connect to your public IP on port 80 or 443, would that connection pass through the GRE tunnel transparently to the private server?

If so, why not run certbot on the private server?

@ahaw021 : thanks

@Osiris : yes, if someone connects on port 80/443 on server 1 with public ip it passes through the GRE tunnel to server 2 with the private ip (while not exposing it). I don’t wish to run certbot on the private ip for fear of exposing the private ip. Should this not be a concern? thanks.

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