Certbot - Setting Up HTTPS for PHPADMIN on Apache


I tried to get the certificate with this command /root/certbot-auto --apache
but it failed and this is the error msg

tls-sni-01 challenge for www.projecttoe.com
Waiting for verification…
Cleaning up challenges
Failed authorization procedure. www.projecttoe.com (tls-sni-01): urn:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: Failed to connect to for tls-sni-01 challenge

the server is Apache on centos .

I stopped the web server and run certbot in standalone mode , i got the certificate and config vhost to support ssl but when Apache comes up https doesn’t work.

any help??



Are you sure. https://crt.sh/?q=%projecttoe.com seems to disagree


you are right, i got the cer for phpmyadmin interface http://prod.db.ptoenetwork.com. and it didn’t work also


Hi @dalia

You will need to add a HTTPS server block to your Apache Config for PHPADMIN.

Currently you do not have a HTTPS binding on your site



Hi Andrei,

solved, Thank you for ur help :slight_smile:

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