Certbot run time on server -- are there services running?

So thanks to the help on here I got certbot up and running last month. It’s come to my attention that the usage hours running on the ec2 instance on amazon has gone up about 150%.

The website hasn’t been released yet and it’s abnormal for it to have gone up so much, the only significant change was setting up the certbot certificate via manually. I havent set up any cron jobs or anything to handle it in the future as of yet either.

Any ideas on the inner workings of certbot? Is there a service running in the background for this?

thanks in advance!

certbot itself doesn’t start/run any services. It’s meant to be called through things like cron (for renewal). Packages like those of Debian are installing a cron service automatically, but this isn’t something the guys from certbot decided nor implemented (but the guys from Debian themselves).

Ok thanks, I will investigate further into what’s happening. I didnt think it was certbot running anything in particular.

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